Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Fun

Well today is my birthday and I am quite loved from my friends : )

Hubby has gone to TO for work for a few day so I am home alone with the three girls.. It will interesting to see what kind of shape I am in when he comes home.. I am going to a really good friends for dinner tonight with the horde though : ) we're having pancakes :) Since hubby knew he was going away on my birthday we went out for dinner and a movie last weekend. We got to see the new Harry Potter movie and it was really good!

I must say that I am trying to be productive today and I cleaned my kitchen of clutter but it's hard when someone is crying.. .First it was R.. she just wouldn't stop banging on her door.. now it's S.. but she's a little one so she gets forgiven and I stop what I am doing to attend to her needs.. Oh well.. I can see my counter now at least :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving it a go!

So after being told I should write about the craziness that is my life I have decided to actually do it! So here is my blog! There is no guarantee that I will write often...but I have some great things to post every now and then :) 

Day to day  life here is crazy that's why I chose to name my blog like I have. With all the girls being so young and having to help them with almost everything it can get a little hectic here but I am a fan of nap time I must say! Having the time to actually sit still for more then the amount of time it takes to nurse S is  great! Since everybody naps at the same time (yes even S names at this time too!!) I must say that I get a lot of Frontiervilling done!!