Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How can they do it??

How do they mange to poop out of every side of their diaper... ALL of them within an hour of each other??

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well today I decided to take the girls out for breakfast at Sonny's.. Yum! Too bad Hubby was working though.. The girls did really well though... We came home and I decided to make cookies... Even with my little helpers they turned out really yummy!!

R decided that she wanted macaroni noodles and tomato sauce for lunch which is fast and easy and a staple in our house. While I was feeding S, K decided to take almost all of her pasta and shove it down her shirts... so she ripped her bib off, and proceded to shove and smear it down the front of her sweat shirt, then down between her shirts.. then down her shirt and her.. It was a mess.. she was a mess!! Needless to say she had a shower before nap time!!!

Now I have make Mexican chicken (recipe at bottom), 2 dozen oatmeal chocolate chip & smarties cookies (not sure how many will be left after nap :oP ), doing a load of laundry (thank you K!) and am about to make Rice Krispie squares... All in the day of a mom... and it's only 1/2 way done!

Mexican Chicken
Put how much chicken thighs (or what cut you want) you want  in the bottom of your greased (I use pam spray) crock pot.. sprinkle with taco seasoning and cover with salsa... cook for 8hour low or 4 high.. I serve it with rice...


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Fun

Well today is my birthday and I am quite loved from my friends : )

Hubby has gone to TO for work for a few day so I am home alone with the three girls.. It will interesting to see what kind of shape I am in when he comes home.. I am going to a really good friends for dinner tonight with the horde though : ) we're having pancakes :) Since hubby knew he was going away on my birthday we went out for dinner and a movie last weekend. We got to see the new Harry Potter movie and it was really good!

I must say that I am trying to be productive today and I cleaned my kitchen of clutter but it's hard when someone is crying.. .First it was R.. she just wouldn't stop banging on her door.. now it's S.. but she's a little one so she gets forgiven and I stop what I am doing to attend to her needs.. Oh well.. I can see my counter now at least :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving it a go!

So after being told I should write about the craziness that is my life I have decided to actually do it! So here is my blog! There is no guarantee that I will write often...but I have some great things to post every now and then :) 

Day to day  life here is crazy that's why I chose to name my blog like I have. With all the girls being so young and having to help them with almost everything it can get a little hectic here but I am a fan of nap time I must say! Having the time to actually sit still for more then the amount of time it takes to nurse S is  great! Since everybody naps at the same time (yes even S names at this time too!!) I must say that I get a lot of Frontiervilling done!!